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2035 Regional Transportation Plan  
On April 25, 2011, the Grand Valley Regional Transportation Committee (GVRTC) approved the Mesa County 2035 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), capping a year-long development process.

The 2035 Regional Transportation Plan brings together transportation, land use, and community issues in one long-range planning document. The Plan identifies the future transportation needs of the region, what we can afford, and how transportation projects will be prioritized for implementation. The Plan directs transportation tax dollars into multi-modal (e.g., bike, pedestrian, transit, and roadway) transportation projects in the Mesa County region through an integrated transportation planning process.
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The GVRTC would like to thank the citizens and communities of the region who made their voices heard and participated in the development of the 2035 RTP. The 2035 RTP document and individual chapters and appendices can be accessed below.
Cover  PDF Icon  350 KB   
Table of Contents  PDF Icon    290 KB     
Chapter 1 - Process, Context, Issues, and Key Messages PDF Icon  1.5 MB PDF Icon  785 KB
Chapter 2 - Community Involvement PDF Icon  5.8 MB PDF Icon  2.8 MB
Chapter 3 - Growth in the Region PDF Icon  3.8 MB PDF Icon  1.7 MB
Chapter 4 - Financial Analysis and Funding Resources PDF Icon  2.0 MB PDF Icon  1.6 MB
Chapter 5 - Non-Motorized Plan PDF Icon  1.2 MB  PDF Icon  1.1 MB
Chapter 6 - Transit Plan PDF Icon  1.3 MB  PDF Icon  1.2 MB
Chapter 7 - Roadway Plan PDF Icon  3.0 MB PDF Icon  1.8 MB
Chapter 8 - Corridor Vision Concepts PDF Icon  6.7 MB   
Chapter 9 - Intermodal Transportation PDF Icon  974 KB   
Chapter 10 - Impacts of the Plan PDF Icon  3.5 MB PDF Icon  1.5 MB
Map Appendix PDF Icon  23.8 MB PDF Icon 15.9 MB
Public Involvement Appendix PDF Icon  14.2 MB PDF Icon  7.5 MB
Acronyms PDF Icon  280 KB  

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