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Regional Transportation Planning Office
Welcome to the Regional Transportation Planning Office 


Working to prioritize and coordinate regional transportation improvements and enhance public transit service through coordinated programs.

What's New

What is it we do?

Mesa County provides the Regional Transportation Planning Office (RTPO) as the staff compliment for regional transportation issues covered by the  Grand Valley Regional Transportation Committee (GVRTC).

Why is it important?

Transportation helps shape Mesa County’s economic health and quality of life. Not only does the transportation system provide for the mobility of people and goods, it also influences patterns of growth and economic activity by providing access to land.

Who is it we serve?

We serve you, the public! It is important to provide opportunities for the participation of all private and public providers of transportation services, including, but not limited to, the trucking and rail industries, taxicab operators, and all transit and paratransit service operators. Finally, those persons traditionally underserved by existing transportation systems, such as low-income or minority households and the elderly are encouraged to participate in the transportation decision-making process.


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