North Avenue ETC

The Regional Transportation Planning Office (RTPO) and City of Grand Junction are leading an Enhanced Transit Corridor Study on North Avenue from 1st Street to the I-70 Business Loop. This project will define a vision for the corridor and identify a set of prioritized infrastructure projects to make the corridor more comfortable for people biking, walking, and taking transit.

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Community Involvement!

Community Outreach was done through a variety of ways:

Visioning Survey- closed December 19, 2021

Open House

Pop-up Events

  • Candy Cane Hunt- Lincoln Park Barn-December 11th, 11am
  • CMU football game- November 6th, 1pm

Focus Groups

  • Small group discussions were held with business owners, human service organizations on North Ave, GJ High School and D51 Career Center, and the Urban Trails Committee

*Results of outreach will be shared when available

Contact with project questions

Project Context

North Avenue is a highly traveled corridor by all modes of transportation and is a State Highway (US-6) that transects the heart of the Grand Valley with many local and regional destinations. The two Grand Valley Transit (GVT) bus routes that serve North Avenue (Route 5 and Route 9) each have double the transit ridership of any other route in the GVT system. Additionally, between 2015 and 2019 there were 70 crashes in the corridor involving bicyclists and pedestrians, which speaks to both the high level of multimodal activity in the corridor and traffic safety concerns.

Project Background

In 2007 and 2011, The North Avenue Corridor Plan established a long-term vision for North Avenue that includes a parallel multiuse trail on both sides of the street with a landscape buffer and on-street bike lanes. That project also modified zoning standards, resulting in sidewalk and landscaping improvements at various locations across the corridor as properties have redeveloped over the last decade.

Standard design identified for the corridor

Standard design identified for the corridor.png

North Avenue has been identified as a key multimodal connection in a number of City and regional plans including:

  • One Grand Junction Comprehensive Plan (2020) . North Avenue is identified in the as a corridor to improve and enhance transit connections and equally prioritize transit with other modes to encourage use of transit, bicycling, and walking.
  • 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (2020) identifies North Avenue as an Enhanced Transit Corridor due to its high ridership and potential for transit-oriented development.
  • Grand Junction Circulation Plan (2018) identifies North Avenue as an active transportation corridor.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Public involvement and development of vision for North Avenue;
  • Conceptual design and recommendations for improving bus stops along the corridor;
  • Recommendations for long-term transit speed and reliability improvements;
  • Conceptual design for a multiuse trail for the entire North Avenue Corridor;
  • Preliminary design (30%) for construction of the next high priority segment of multiuse trail;
  • A prioritized list of long-term multimodal infrastructure projects that can be implemented as funding becomes available. Improvement projects will be aimed at making its safer and more comfortable to walk, bike, and access transit along (and across) North Avenue.

Previously upgraded section of North Ave North Ave Sidewalk.jpg

Study Timeline

This project kicked-off in October 2021 and is expected to wrap up in June 2022, with final design and construction of near-term improvements beginning in late 2022 and early 2023.

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Concurrent North Avenue Projects

CDOT is currently in the design phase of a North Avenue Improvement Project that will impact the curb-to-curb design of the roadway. That project will include resurfacing the road and installing new medians to control access, improve safety, and improve traffic flow. CDOT is also in the design process to eventually upgrade the traffic signals on North Avenue with more reliable and modern signal equipment.

In anticipation of CDOT’s resurfacing project, the City of Grand Junction will perform spot repairs to the sanitary sewer pipe, replace three manholes, and replace aging brick riser rings in 58 manholes in North Avenue between 1st Street and 30 Road. The majority of the work will be done at night to minimize traffic impacts. The project start date is projected to be Monday, November 29, 2021, and is expected to be complete by Monday, January 3, 2022.

Project Team

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