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Safe Routes to School  

Safe Routes to Schools was established by the Federal Highway Administration in 2005 to address issues perceived as barriers to making walking and bicycling to school a reality for more children in the United States. According to a study by the Center for Disease Control, the decline in walking and bicycling has had an adverse effect on traffic congestion and air quality around schools, as well as pedestrian and bicycle safety. In addition, a growing body of evidence has shown that children who lead sedentary lifestyles are at risk for a variety of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Safety issues are a big concern for parents, who consistently cite traffic danger as a reason why their children are unable to safely bicycle or walk to school.


Competitive grant funding is provided to state departments of transportation, including the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The Mesa County Regional Transportation Planning Office applied for and received a non-infrastructure grant from CDOT to introduce 16 elementary schools and eight middle schools in School District 51 to the Safe Routes to Schools program. The documents listed below are a result of this grant funding.

Safe Routes to School Audit Summary Report

 Safe Routes to School Audit Report (600+ pages)

    School Reports

Elementary Schools Middle Schools  
Broadway Bookcliff
Chipeta East
Clifton Fruita
Dos Rios Grand Mesa
Lincoln Orchard Mesa     Mount Garfield
Mesa View Orchard Mesa
Nisley Redlands
Pear Park West
Rim Rock
Rocky Mountain

 School Maps and Map Summaries 

Click here to view maps online. Click here for instructions on how to use the online map. The Map Summary documents below describe the meaning of the map colors. 

Elementary Schools

Appleton Map

Appleton Summary

Broadway Map 

Map Summary

Chatfield Map

Chatfield Summary  

Chipeta Map

Map Summary

Clifton Map

Map Summary  

Dos Rios Map 

Map Summary

Fruitvale Map

Fruitvale Summary

Lincoln Orchard Mesa Map

Map Summary

Loma Map

Loma Summary  

Mesa View Map

Map Summary

Nisley Map

Map Summary  

Orchard Avenue Map

Orchard Avenue Summary

Pear Park Map

Map Summary  

Pomona Map 

Pomona Summary  

Rim Rock Map

Map Summary

Rocky Mountain Map

Map Summary

Scenic Map

Map Summary  

Shelledy Map 

Shelledy Summary

Taylor Map

Map Summary

Thunder Mountain Map

Thunder Mountain Summary

Tope Map

Tope Summary  

Wingate Map

Wingate Summary


Middle Schools

Bookcliff Map 

Map Summary

East Map 

Map Summary

Fruita Map 

Map Summary

Grand Mesa Map 

Map Summary

Mount Garfield Map 

Map Summary   

Orchard Mesa Map 

Map Summary

Redlands Map 

Map Summary

West Map 

Map Summary

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